Mandate produced from Manchester’s first ever Community Assembly on Climate Change

Manchester’s first ever Community Assembly on climate change enables people from across the city to play a key role in shaping our response to the climate emergency! 

Residents from all over Manchester took part in the city's first ever Community Assembly on climate change. This was a unique opportunity for participants to play a key role in shaping the future of our city. It is only with our residents’ ideas, thoughts and input we can create a city that's greener, healthier and more connected.

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Climate Manifesto launched by Manchester’s young people: “ambitious, bold and challenging”

The Manchester Climate Change Youth Board launched their manifesto in October, the manifesto consisting of 7 priorities and 35 individual climate action policies is the first of its kind in Greater Manchester and sets out actions young people would like to see taken to get to carbon zero.


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Samantha Nicholson Appointed Director of Manchester Climate Change Agency

Samantha Nicholson has been appointed to lead the Manchester Climate Change Agency (MCCA) on this critical next stage of the city’s zero carbon transformation.


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Manchester Climate Change Partnership adopts and endorses a Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon New Buildings in Manchester


I am pleased to introduce the Partnership’s Net Zero Carbon New Build Policy Document. The document was endorsed and adopted at the Partnership meeting on 23 July 2021.  It sets out a proposal that to meet the city’s plan to be Zero Carbon by 2038, all new buildings in the city from 2023 should be Zero Carbon.  


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The City of Manchester: A Leader on Climate-related Governance

The Canadian City of Calgary (Calgary) is currently completing a jurisdictional scan as part of an update to its climate governance structure. After examining the City of Manchester’s (Manchester) publicly available climate reports, Calgary determined that Manchester is a leader in climate-related governance and consequently approached the city for an interview. 

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Manchester Climate Change Partnership presents a new zero carbon programme In our Nature ahead of COP26

Manchester is tackling climate change with the launch of a new zero carbon programme, so everyone can take action, ahead of the international climate conference COP26 taking place in Glasgow this November.

The climate change initiatives are outlined in a report* that will be presented to Environment and Climate Change Scrutiny Committee of Manchester City Council on Thursday May 27.

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Participatory local governance for a sustainable and socially just energy transition

The Area of ​​Studies and Social Innovation of Fundación Tomillo, a socio-educational NGO that works for social inclusion in Madrid (Spain), has elaborated a research project called “Participatory urban processes for the fulfillment of SDG 7: an analysis from global citizenship in Europe and Spain” for the SG of Active Citzenship

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Striving towards a greener Europe

Striving towards a greener Europe is a new article published that looks at Climate adaptation and energy transition in urban areas. The article is part of a series based on the 14 partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU. 

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Manchester Roundtables April 2021

Manchester has been leading at the intersection of culture and climate for over a decade. Pioneers from the Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST) have modelled a city-wide approach to collaborative action that has had a significant influence, not just in the UK, but internationally. 

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Manchester features alongside 5 European cities profiled for local processes that aim to achieve Paris Agreement targets

Local Pacts - How Municipalities create their own COP21 was published by EnergyCities. The comparative study outlines PACTS (Participatory Agreement for the Climate Transition) as a process that aims to translate the Paris Agreement at a city level. Its objective is to set a precise strategy on a territory to reach neutrality by 2050. 

The study presents 4 pillars for local PACTs:

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