Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25


The Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25 is the city's high-level strategy for tackling climate change. It sets out how Manchester will 'play its full part in limiting the impacts of climate change', a commitment in the Our Manchester Strategy 2016-25. It has been produced by the Manchester Climate Change Partnership and Agency and sets out: 


Our aim:

Manchester will play its full part in limiting the impacts of climate change and create a healthy, green, socially just city where everyone can thrive.


Our objectives and targets:


Seven areas for action to meet our objectives and targets:

  1. Buildings (existing and new)
  2. Renewable energy
  3. Transport and flying
  4. Food
  5. The things we buy and throw away
  6. Green infrastructure and nature-based solutions
  7. Supporting and enabling residents and organisations to act 


Why a framework?

Manchester has adopted a different approach to most other cities. We don’t have a single plan setting out how we will meet our climate change targets. Our approach is based on every resident and every organisation in the city making and delivering their own commitments and action plans. The Framework provides our overarching structure for everyone in the city to 'plug in' their plans. To help people and organisations we've developed a list of 15 actions we need everyone to take.


Manchester Climate Change Partnership

The Manchester Climate Change Partnership is the city’s main mechanism for engaging and inspiring organisations and residents to act. The Partnership currently has 60 members, across 10 sectors, with responsibility for over 20% of Manchester’s direct CO2 emissions. Its members also have reach into the remaining 80% through their staff, students, customers, tenants, football fans, theatre-goers, worshippers, and others. By working with their supply chains members are also helping to reduce the city’s consumption-based CO2 emissions.


A summary of Partnership members' action plans for 2020-25 is Appendix 2 of the Framework.



To make this apprach work, we've established a devolved, partnership-based approach to meet our climate change commitments. It is built on two key components:


  • Engaging and empowering Manchester residents and organisations to take action, using the Manchester Climate Change Partnership and its networks as our key engagement mechanism, and


  • Joint working between Manchester City Council, Manchester’s strategic partners, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, UK Government, and their agencies to provide the support, incentives, standards and infrastructure residents and organisations need (each with their own bespoke plans)


Reporting Progress

We'll produce annual progress reports (which we started in 2013) and publish ongoing news stories and case studies to help us keep track of how the city is doing against its objectives and targets.


Keeping our Targets and Framework up to Date

Version 1.0 of the Framework was published in February 2020. We can expect it will need to be updated over the next five years, in response to a range of factors. We'll do that informed by the recommendations of the independent advisory groups we will be setting up in 2020, major reports on the climate science, changes in policy, and other key inputs.

The Climate Change Partnership and Agency will be producing a 'Recovery Annex' and a plan for refreshing the current Framework by the end of 2020. Followed by the production of a draft Framework 2.0 by September 2021 and final version by June 2022 at the latest, as part of the EU Zero Carbon Cities project. Further details are available in the Partnership and Agency's letter to Manchester City Council on the need for a green recovery, in June 2020.


Get in Touch

If you'd like to get in touch to see how you can help us to meet our objectives and targets you can check out our 15 Actions or email us at


Further Details

The Framework 1.0 was developed during 2019-20 and published in February 2020. The process included progress reports and endorsements at a number of Manchester City Council public meetings: 


The Framework 2.0 will be developed during 2021-22. Further details are available here.