Consultation Now Open on Manchester's Planning Policies


On 7th February 2020 Manchester City Council launched a consultation on the development of the city's main planning document, the Local Plan. The first stage of the consultation is focused on the 'Local Plan Issues'. So, rather than presenting specific policies at this stage, the purpose of the consultation is to identify the key issues that the Local Plan needs to address.


Based on the Council's own website, it would appear that climate change is already on the radar:

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Response to Future Homes Standard Consultation by Manchester Climate Change Agency and Partnership

Manchester Climate Change Agency and Partnership have responded to the Government's consultation on the Future Homes Standard. A copy of the response is available to download below.

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Manchester City Council Neighbourhoods & Environment Committee - 5th February 2020

On Wednesday 5th February 2020, Manchester's Climate Change Agency and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research will present to Manchester City Council's Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee.


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Manchester City Council Climate Change Sub-group 23rd January 2020


In November 2019 Manchester Climate Change Agency commissioned the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Manchester to undertake a review of Manchester's climate change commitments. The brief for the work is available here.


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Zero Carbon Careers and Education Workshop


On 12th December 2019 Manchester's 'Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance' group met to discuss the city's zero carbon commitments. 


The workshop brought together schools careers advisors to explore the employment opportunities from Manchester's transition to zero carbon and to begin to scope out the advice and guidance they can offer to the city's next generation of workers. 


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Our Manchester Forum - Zero Carbon Workshop

On 16th January, the Our Manchester Forum kicked off the new year with a workshop on the city's zero carbon commitments. Having selected their priority topics for this year's meetings, climate change came out top as the most urgent item for discussion. 

Starting with a presentation from Jonny Sadler, Programme Director at Manchester Climate Change Agency, the session focused on Forum members' current activities on climate change and the support needed to enable them to take more action to reduce carbon and adapt to climate change.

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Zero Carbon City: The Challenge and the Opportunity

Design Manchester: Zero Carbon Cities Event

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Low Carbon Homes - Manchester Event

'Low Carbon Homes wants to drive the adoption of new energy-saving standards in the UK's aged housing stock by providing a unique platform. Here, professionals can share best practice and discover pioneering methodologies and products to help transform home efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions.'

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