Manchester Climate Change Conference 2019!

We have around 12 years left to take action and drastically cut our reliance on fossil fuels to mitigate global warming and keep temperature rises to a maximum of 1.5ºC to 2ºC. 


In support of this Manchester committed to stay within a 15 million tonne carbon budget. The good news is that there is already great work happening across Manchester, but we now need to accelerate action at every level. A combined effort is needed from everyone in the city - our residents, businesses, visitors, as well as politicians and policy makers. 


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Engaging with University students about MCCA's role in Zero Carbon Manchester 2038

Speaking with Geography students from the University of Manchester yesterday, Jonny described how MCCA's experience in how stake-holder based approaches come together to govern the climate in Manchester, and the importance of this contribution to realising the potential for change towards urban sustainability. 

See the lecture below for more details.

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Energy Efficiency Grants Available for SMEs in Greater Manchester!

SME's in Greater Manchester may be eligible for a grant between £1,000 to £12,500 from the GC Business Growth Hub, to help with energy efficiency improvements. 

Both large and small scale grants are available for a limited time only. 

See the flyer below for further details on grants available and how to apply. 



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Manchester City Council endorses Draft Zero Carbon Framework 2020-2038

On 13th March 2019, Manchester City Council fully endorsed the draft Zero Carbon Framework 2020-2038, outlining how Manchester can meet its aim to being a zero carbon city by 2038. 

The draft Zero Carbon Framework was produced by Manchester Climate Change Board and Agency, following the proposal to meet a 2038 target, set back in November 2018. This was based on research carried out by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, based at the University of Manchester. 

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MCCA responds to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

MCCA has responded to the GMSF consultation focussing on:

  • Question 29 "Do you agree with the proposed policy on Carbon and Energy?"
  • Question 36 "Do you agree with the proposed policy on supporting long-term economic growth?"

The copy of our response is available below. 



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Playing Our Full Part - Zero Carbon 2038 Proposal

This year's news headline reports of devastating floods, wild fires and other related disasters from around the world show that the effects of climate change are happening right now, and it seems that there is no corner of the planet left untouched. In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) released their most pressing report to date, stating that it is not too late to limit global warming to 1.5oC, but it requires urgent action to be taken now.


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Accelerating Action, for their City

The Manchester Climate Change Youth Board (MCCYB) was established in November 2017 to capture the voices of young persons who live, work and study in the city.

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Manchester Climate News in Pictures - September 2018

Manchester Climate News in Pictures aims to capture and promote all the amazing work to make the city cleaner, greener and contributes to Manchester's zero carbon target. 


September saw cyclists celebrate the Fallowfield Floop, Manchester Friends of the Earth braved the rain to demonstrate the benefit of a city centre without cars and the iconic Hulme Garden Centre hosted this year's Permaculture Association Convergence. 


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Manchester Climate News in Pictures - August 2018

Manchester Climate News in Pictures is a monthly news round-up of all things related to the city's environment and climate change action through photojournalism. See the below for the August 2018 edition which features HOME's roof top bees, Groundwork's Youth engagement, Manchester Friends of the Earth's push for better air quality and more!

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Forest School project to benefit more children in Manchester

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has received an amazingly generous £116,000 from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, to continue their successful Forest School project in Manchester. The project aims to reconnect urban children with nature and boost their self-esteem through hands-on activities and play in a natural setting.

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