Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


Food and Beverage Network: Sustainable

On the 24th July, leading city centre management company CityCo hosted a wide-ranging, engaging event focussed on the discussion around sustainability in the food and beverage industry. Feeding a fast paced, cosmopolitan city like Manchester requires huge quantities of energy and produces vast amounts of waste.


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Manchester's 2038 zero Carbon Proposal

The 17th July saw the fifth meeting of the Manchester Climate Change Conference, with a record number of delegates coming together for an inspiring evening of presentations, panel discussion and ‘pies’. This year’s Conference was once again hosted at the Royal Exchange Theatre, coincidentally on the set of a play written about the staunch protest of a coal pit closure. A diverse and youthful audience was warmly welcomed by BBC presenter Lindsey Chapman, alongside a panel of industry experts and representatives.


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Manchester Climate News in Pictures -June 2018

Manchester Climate Change in Pictures is a monthly news round-up of all things related to the city's environment and climate change action through photojournalism. See the below for the June 2018 edition which features Envirolution, Greater Manchester Clean Air Day, Our Faith Our Planet's conference and much more. 



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UK’s solo solar woe: the state of play in global solar output – and what it means for Manchester

The UK solar industry suffered a 50% reduction in growth for the second year running, according to the new Global Market Outlook published by SolarPowerEurope this week [1]. Solar power is an increasingly cheap, extremely flexible and practically infinite source of renewable energy. Using daylight as a fuel for charging electric batteries, over the last twenty years developments in the technology have led to the emergence of a genuine alternative to fossil fuel power on a national scale.

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Would you Bivalve it?

Manchester's Green Infrastructure Strategy won the coveted Knowledge Exchange Category at the prestigious Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) National Wards event in London. 

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Our Faith, Our Planet, Our Actions

Our Faith, Our Planet, Our Actions held an inter-faith conference at Manchester Cathedral to engage and inspire communities to stand together and take action on climate change.

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Manchester Climate in Pictures - May 2018

Manchester Climate in Pictures is a monthly news round-up of all things related to the city's environment and climate change action through photojournalism. See the link below for the May 2018 edition which features City of Tree's research, collaboration between the Manchester Youth Board and Uprising, the Trees of Hope and much more......



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Global Covenant of Mayors: cities’ innovation and shared commitments to climate action

Cities are climate leaders. We have seen that statement confirmed many times since the birth of the city-focused global climate movement that started over 10 years ago. In cities like Adelaide and Copenhagen with their carbon neutral commitments. In UN policy through the Paris Agreement and Marrakech Partnership. And through the growing number of city networks whose memberships are growing by the day.


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The Plastic Problem

About 1 million plastic bottles are sold each minute across the globe. Let’s not let our throw away culture fuel an already growing plastic epidemic.

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Green cities can unlock a wealth of opportunity

Green cities are more than parks and gardens. They are a platform for future growth.

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