Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020 - 2025, Tomorrow Webinar 18th June

On Thursday 18th June, Manchester Climate Change Agency joined together with Energy Cities to host a webinar on setting Science Based Targets. Jonny Sadler presented our 2020 - 2025 Framework, explaining our background, our aim and our targets, and the social and economic benefits of them. The PDF of the presentation is available to download below. 

Watch the recording of the webinar session on YouTube here if you missed it:

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MAST and HOME feature in news article in The Netherlands

Manchester Climate Change Partnership Member MAST (Manchester Arts Sustainability Team) have caught attention over in The Netherlands for their pioneering ways of displaying sustainability in the cultural sector. Both HOME and MAST feature in an article called 'Real change goes beyond coffee cups and plastic stirrers' on the Elia website - take a look at it here:

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Daily carbon emissions drop by a third during lockdown


Daily carbon emissions in the UK have dropped staggeringly more than a third during the period of lockdown, according to recent data. Although these reductions are short term, recovery post coronavirus must be green in order for these emissions to continue to reduce. Travel restrictions have contributed massively to the reduction of emissions during lockdown - almost all flights being restricted has inhibited people from flying and thus reduced emissions in the UK, but also carbon emissions from road transport such as cars has reduced by 60% during lockdown. 

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Manchester Local Plan Issues Consultation - MCCA Response


Manchester City Council are in the early stages of developing the city's 'Local Plan', for the period 2023-2038. Further information is available from


From 7th February to 1st May 2020 the Council have been consulting on the issues that need to be addressed by the Local Plan. 



A copy of Manchester Climate Change Agency's response to the consultation is available to download below.


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Virus ‘pushes climate change to back burner’

The Government’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic suggests “the magic money tree has always been there”, Gavin Elliott, head of the BDP Manchester studio believes, and raises the question of why funds were not previously used to tackle climate change. Coronavirus is of course an urgent, worldwide crisis, but any climate scientist will say the exact same thing about climate change, yet the Government don't register the same level of commitment to this crisis. 

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"City must come together to address net-zero challenge"

Gavin Elliott, head of BDP in Manchester explained at an event last week why as a city, we must cut our emissions by 50% in the next 5 years, if we are to acheive Manchester's target of net-zero by 2038. Leaders of Manchester's development community gathered to discuss what must be done to reach this target. Read more about it here:


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Manchester Climate Change Framework Becomes Formal Policy


The Manchester Climate Change Partnership has today hailed the Council's endorsement of the Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25 as a ‘clear moment of international leadership for Manchester’ and ‘a big step towards limiting the impacts of climate change and create a healthy, green, socially just city where everyone can thrive’.


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