Whitemoss Youth club and community centre with volunteers Beverley Drummond and Johnny Biggs. Photo by Chris Bull

Lighting up Greater Manchester with community-owned solar

Contributed by Kate Holmes on 28.01.2016

Strengthening the region with the launch of Community Energy Greater Manchester.

The recent floods and cold weather have made issues of climate change and fuel poverty all the more pressing for many in the North West.

This week, community groups from across Greater Manchester will be taking matters into their own hands with the launch of Community Energy GM.

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COP21: What next for Greater Manchester?

Contributed by Mark Atherton on 27.01.2016

Mark Atherton explores the significance of COP21 and what the outcomes of the Paris conference mean for Greater Manchester.

The world arrived in Paris in December for a much-anticipated conference on Climate Change.

The occasion was lauded as being ‘our last chance to do something about halting (our destruction) of this planet.’ 

After 12 days and nights of passionate discussion, leaders came to a momentous, legally binding agreement to work together to reduce climate change. 

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Greater Manchester charges ahead with electric vehicles

Contributed by Matthew Roberts on 26.01.2016

Electric vehicle use in Greater Manchester has rocketed over the past 12 months.

The Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle Scheme (GMEV), led by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), provides access to more than 300 strategically located charging points across all 10 Greater Manchester districts.

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The Peppered Moth Story

Contributed by Alice Howse on 19.01.2016

An article written by Henry McGhie, Head of Collections & Curator of Zoology, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester

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Steady State Manchester: communicating a change

Contributed by Beth Perry on 13.01.2016

Steady State Manchester launches a series of conversations exploring how a viable economy can detox Manchester.

Are there people who who would like to communicate more powerfully about a Manchester where people can live well, with greater equality and within our planet's means? 

Will cafe style conversations about the issues that matter most to them help them do this? 

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