Images from a Warming Planet

An Article about Images from a Warming Planet. Written by Emma Charlotte Richards 

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When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday

An Article about When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday, a free music event which was part of MACF's Climate Lab. Written by Finn Heberlet 

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Climate Control – Climate Exchange

An article on Climate Control – Climate Exchange, written by Emma Charlotte Richards on 24.05.2016

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Climate Poetry Lab

An Article about Climate Poetry Lab. Written by Alice Litchfield 

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The Role of Education Institutions in Tackling Climate Change

An Article about The Role of Education Institutions in Tackling Climate Change. Written by Alice Litchfield 

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Go Ultra Low!

Eleven UK companies, including big names such as Microsoft UK, have become the first to be awarded Go Ultra Low! status. Two of these were in Manchester! Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, and Manchester Metropolitan University are amongst the first to achieve this acrediation, leading the way for electric travel in the city.

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Manchester After Hours

An Article about Manchester After Hours. Written by Alice Litchfield 

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Greater Manchester Community Renewables Share Offer Launch

Contributed by Harriet Mansfield on 18.05.2016

An article about Greater Manchester Community Renewables Share Offer Launch. Written by Harriet Mansfield 

Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR) project was founded a little over a year ago in January 2015 by a group of passionate volunteers. The aim of GMCR was to bring the benefits of community owned renewable energy to Greater Manchester.

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Clean Cities Agenda and the GM Business Context

Contributed by Anonymous on 17.05.2016

The pro-manchester Green Economy group and Transport and Infrastructure Group have organised an expert panel to discuss what a Green Cities agenda actually means for Manchester and the wider local economy.

The next few years will see substantial investment in the city’s transport infrastructure as well as a number of major redevelopment projects.

These are vital to continue the drive for the further growth and success of Manchester and wider local economy.

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Climate Control Exhibition Opening

Contributed by Alice Litchfield on 11.05.2016

An Article about the opening of the Manchester Museum's new exhibition Climate Control. Written by Alice Litchfield 

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