Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change

What's the Plan?

Manchester is a city committed to action on climate change.


In 2009 hundreds of residents and businesses came together to produce the city's first ever climate change strategy, Manchester: A Certain Future, aiming for a 41% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, from 2005 levels.


In 2015, the city again made its views clear on climate change... A carbon neutral city”, green industry powerhouse”, “the cleanest air”, “economically and environmentally sustainable”, “a world leader in urban sustainability and environmental regeneration”, were among the many climate and environment-related responses to the question what’s your dream Manchester?


As a result, in January 2016, just one month after the Paris Agreement, Manchester published its latest commitment on climate change; ‘to become a zero carbon city by 2050'. It was published as part of the Our Manchester Strategy for 2016-25. 


To become zero carbon is a big commitment! But it’s the right one to ensure that we make our contribution as part of limiting the global average temperature increase to between 1.5-2oC, from pre-industrial levels. The key to meeting our goal is that all stakeholders in the city get involved. This is at the heart of our progress to date and our future plans.


From 19th July to 16th October 2016, Manchester Climate Change Agency asked the city for its views on climate change and the strategy for becoming a zero carbon city by 2050. Underpinned by the comments received, the final strategy was launched on the 5th December 2016. 


The Manchester Climate Change Strategy 2017-50 and the Implementation Plan for 2017-22 are available below.


For information on Manchester’s progress to date on climate change click here.


For information on how you can get involved in climate change action in Manchester click here.