Zero Carbon Business Programme

We want Manchester-based businesses to thrive, compete, play their part, and help the city remain a global leader in business and climate action. This is why Manchester is participating in the City-Business Climate Alliance (CBCA) initiative from C40 Cities, CDP and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. 


Through participating in CBCA, Manchester aims to launch a new Zero Carbon Business Programme to support Manchester-based businesses to take the necessary actions to reduce their emissions to net zero.


In March 2021, Manchester and the CBCA partners held a workshop with key Manchester-based businesses with two key aims. Firstly, to carry out a landscape assessment of existing climate change commitments, activities and support programmes Manchester’s business community are already engaged in. Secondly, to identify gaps in the existing support and begin shaping a new programme, and which could be replicated in cities around the world. 


The report below summarises the key findings of this workshop.


The next steps are:

May 2021 - Workshop report published 

June 2021 - Invitation for new members to apply to join the Manchester Climate Change Partnership

July 2021 - Guidance on actions for Manchester businesses published 

July to August 2021 - Public consultation 1: to understand businesses' barriers to taking climate action 

October to November 2021 - Public consultation 2: setting out the proposed actions to remove the barriers identified in consultation 1 

January 2022: 

- Manchester Zero Carbon Business Programme launched 

- Manchester Climate Change Framework and Implementation Plan 2022-25 published


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