Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership & Board

Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership brings together 16-28 years olds from across the city who are passionate about ensuring Manchester plays its full part in helping to tackle climate change.

As part of this, the Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership has developed a Manifesto outlining their 7 priorities for Manchester. Check out our short animation or read the Youth Partnership's Manifesto at the bottom of this page to find out more.



Their are a variety of ways that you can be a part of the Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership:

1. Join our Youth Network

This is an informal network for anyone aged 16-28 to connect into that shares climate-related information and opportunities through Slack - a messaging app. Examples of information shared in the Youth Network include: training or job opportunities, Youth Projects, Youth Board vacancies, upcoming events and the latest climate-related news. 

2. Join a Youth Project

Youth Project's are varied, depending on what members of the Youth Network are interested in. Examples could include joining a workshop about a particular environmental theme (for example fast fashion or sustainable food), working with a local school to raise awareness about climate change, holding a conference for young people, or speaking at events or in the media.

Projects will include a mixture of opportunities that are either led by the Youth Partnership or that the Youth Partnership has been invited to be part of. Projects will usually be temporary so involvement will last as long as the project does.

3. Join our Youth Board

This oversees the Youth Projects and Youth Network and sits on the Manchester Climate Change Partnership helping to ensure that both the Partnership and Agency are doing everything they can to tackle climate change in the city. It has up to 9 members and meets regularly throughout the year.

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