Our Previous Plans


Manchester has been on its climate change journey since 2009. The following page outlines some of the key documents over this period. 


Call to Action - 2009

In 2009 Manchester City Council published a climate change 'call to action', inviting the city to help develop the city's first ever climate change strategy. 


Manchester: A Certain Future - 2009

For 6 months in 2009, over 200 residents and 100 organisations came together to produce the city's climate change strategy for 2010-20, titled 'Manchester: A Certain Future'. 


Manchester: A Certain Future Refresh - 2013

The Manchester: A Certain Future strategy was refreshed in 2013 to take into account progress to date, the development of a new Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy, and to provide even greater impetus for action.



Progress against the delivery of these plans is available here.