Climate Manifesto launched by Manchester’s young people: “ambitious, bold and challenging”

The Manchester Climate Change Youth Board launched their manifesto in October, the manifesto consisting of 7 priorities and 35 individual climate action policies is the first of its kind in Greater Manchester and sets out actions young people would like to see taken to get to zero carbon.


The manifesto calls on organisations across Manchester including businesses, public organisations, and education providers to take action to ensure climate action is a central focus. The scope and ambition for the manifesto is wide and if adopted by institutional leaders in the city, would put the Manchester young people at the heart of policy and direction on the green agenda.


At the launch event, Nile Henry Youth Board member and founder and CEO of the Blair project explained “Manchester was the home of the industrial revolution; it was the first industrialised city in the world pumping plumes of fumes and soot into the air at a scale that has since been replicated across the world.” Nile added “our ambition must not be anything short of being a carbon negative city. We believe Manchester should aim for carbon neutrality by 2030 and take responsibility for the historical carbon debt our city is responsible for. Actions speak louder than words, and words mean nothing without action”.


For Manchester, 2022 has been designated as the ‘Year of the Child’ Manchester City Council explains “…we are dedicating 2022 as the ‘Year of the Child’; a year to celebrate and further support children and young people in Manchester”. The Climate Change Youth Board’s manifesto launch undoubtedly is timely, at the packed launch event councillors, senior council officers and some of Manchester’s most influential climate leaders could be found, attending to listen to some of Manchester’s most impressive young people and offer their help.


Speaking at the event as the closing speaker, Mike Wilton chair of the Manchester Climate Change Partnership and director and Manchester Office Leader at Arup congratulated and thanked the Youth Board for the manifesto describing “some things in here scare me, some things in here really excite me”. The Manchester Climate Change Youth Board manifesto will now be the focus for the Youth Board over the next 12 months to get as many policies adopted as possible. It was clear to see at the event that the Youth Board has allies across the city, in the run up to COP26 this event further demonstrates that young people are looking for ambitious, bold and challenging policies locally, nationally and internationally.


The manifesto can be found below.