Participatory local governance for a sustainable and socially just energy transition

The Area of ​​Studies and Social Innovation of Fundación Tomillo, a socio-educational NGO that works for social inclusion in Madrid (Spain), has elaborated a research project called “Participatory urban processes for the fulfillment of SDG 7: an analysis from global citizenship in Europe and Spain” for the SG of Active Citzenship and International Cooperation of Madrid City Council. Its goal is to inspire local policies from a global citizenship perspective, identifying participatory and socially innovative responses to the challenges related to the fulfillment of SDG 7. For this, 6 participatory urban practices were analyzed: Roundtable for Energy Transition and against Energy Poverty (Cádiz, Spain), Energy Advisory Points (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Vilawatt (Viladecans, Spain), Leuven 2030 (Leuven, Belgium), Manchester Climate Partnership and Agency (Manchester, United Kingdom) and Brixton Energy Community (London , UK).

In particular, the governance model around the Climate Change Agency and the Manchester Climate Change Partnership, that channels social and business participation around energy transition in the city has been a very inspiring experience showing that only by working together with the most relevant urban stakeholders it is possible to achieve ambitious social and environmental targets.


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