Manchester features alongside 5 European cities profiled for local processes that aim to achieve Paris Agreement targets

Local Pacts - How Municipalities create their own COP21 was published by EnergyCities. The comparative study outlines PACTS (Participatory Agreement for the Climate Transition) as a process that aims to translate the Paris Agreement at a city level. Its objective is to set a precise strategy on a territory to reach neutrality by 2050. 

The study presents 4 pillars for local PACTs:

  1. Knowledge driven-process
  2. Stakeholder’s engagement
  3. Shared governance
  4. Collective assessment

It presents 6 European cities as case studies: 


Hannover, Germany 

Vaxjo, Sweden

Drome Valley, France

Leuven, Belgium 

Ruen, France

You can find out more on the Energy Cities website

You can download the full report below.