Transformative city-business partnerships - City Business Climate Alliance (CBCA)

On July 1st 2020, Manchester was announced as one of eight global cities selected for a new initiative to help cities and businesses work together for urgent climate action.


The 'City-Business Climate Alliance' (CBCA) has been developed by the C40, CDP and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Through their existing networks the partners already support over 10,000 businesses and almost 1,000 cities to take action towards the Paris Agreement.


CBCA has been developed to build on this work and support the development of eight new city-business partnerships to accelerate local action towards meeting city, national and international climate change targets.


Between 2020 - 2023, Manchester will build on the existing Manchester Climate Change Partnership and invite new sectors and organisations to join the city's zero carbon programme. 


The other partner cities include: Dallas (USA), Durban (South Africa), Lisbon (Portugal), New York (USA), Stockholm (Sweden), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Vancouver (Canada), and these cities provide Manchester with an exciting opportunity to learn from their innovative zero carbon initiatives. 


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Links to recorded material from the launch events can be found here: 


Session 1 recording

Session 2 recording


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