TfGM's Sustainable Journey's 2020

Transport for Greater Manchester are currently running an accreditation scheme, called TfGM’s Sustainable Journeys 2020, which is a great scheme if your organisation has sustainable, low carbon or active travel actions, and you’re looking to have your efforts audited and drive your zero-carbon commitments relating to the city. This free accreditation scheme is a good way to provide better understanding of whether the policies your organisation has in place are working well, alongside being a succinct way to ensure that travel policies are continuously being updated to provide employees with incentives to travel to work in a low carbon way, to reduce overall emissions for your organisation and continue to be an important role in helping Manchester to reach it’s goals of zero carbon by 2038.

If your organisation is interested in joining this scheme, the submission deadline has been extended, and entries will now be accepted up until 30th July 2020, with the awards ceremony scheduled to take place in October 2020. More information can be found out on how to apply on TfGM’s website here: