Zero Carbon Careers and Education Workshop


On 12th December 2019 Manchester's 'Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance' group met to discuss the city's zero carbon commitments. 


The workshop brought together schools careers advisors to explore the employment opportunities from Manchester's transition to zero carbon and to begin to scope out the advice and guidance they can offer to the city's next generation of workers. 


With ambitious commitments to halve the city's CO2 emissions every 5 years, down to zero by 2038, at the latest, it's critical that the city's young people can hit the ground running when they leave school, college and university. The challenge to become one of the world's first zero carbon cities is huge - but so is the opportunity. With the right support Manchester's young people can look forward to not only helping Manchester to meet its ambitious targets, but also developing innovative solutions that can be shared with cities right around the world.


The next step is to continue the conversation at the Manchester Work and Skills Board on 28th January 2020.


Jonny Sadler

Programme Director

Manchester Climate Change Agency