Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


Our Manchester Forum - Zero Carbon Workshop

On 16th January, the Our Manchester Forum kicked off the new year with a workshop on the city's zero carbon commitments. Having selected their priority topics for this year's meetings, climate change came out top as the most urgent item for discussion. 

Starting with a presentation from Jonny Sadler, Programme Director at Manchester Climate Change Agency, the session focused on Forum members' current activities on climate change and the support needed to enable them to take more action to reduce carbon and adapt to climate change.

The lively discussions rounded off with commitments from partners and the Agency to follow-up on the plans and needs of specific groups. Conversations are planned with Manchester Health and Care Commissioning, Manchester Schools Alliance, Manchester Youth Council and Age Friendly Manchester.  

A copy of the Agency's presentation is available below.


Jonny Sadler

Manchester Climate Change Agency