Circular Economy Club Manchester Launched to Share Ideas For Reducing Waste and Saving Energy

By ManMetLife on 06/03/18 

Last month saw the launch of the 'Circular Economy Club Manchester', which is the local group of the global professional networking platform for circular economy experts.


The circular economy involves:

  • recycling and reuse of waste 
  • harnessing renewable energy 
  • biomimicry (mimicking nature)
  • utilising sustainable eco-effective manufacturing methods and materials 


The event attracted industry, local business start-ups, SMEs and larger companies across all sectors, and the main aim of the event was to identify existing Circular Economy initiatives in Manchester.


The same mapping event was carried out across the global network in over 67 other countries.


In Manchester the event was organised and led by Amanda Reid and team members from the Waste to Resource Innovation Network from Science and Engineering.


Executive members from the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority addressed the audience to share their support for the initiative.


Outputs from the event will be fed back into the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham’s Green Summit and shared also across the global network.


The events will continue during the year and details for future events can be found here:


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