What’s Powering Your Hub? A Certificate in Carbon Literacy

Contributed by Alice Litchfield on 11.05.2016

An Article about What’s Powering Your Hub? A Certificate in Carbon Literacy. Written by Alice Litchfield 

A fully funded one-day course for Community Hubs interested in climate change, their community and getting involved in supporting and stimulating  collective action on fuel poverty and climate change.

GMCVO’s Community Energy GM project is working with 10:10, to support up to 18 community hubs in Greater Manchester to finance the installation of solar panels. 

This project will pool their collective experience to support and develop a network of community hubs in GM to install solar photovoltaic panels, engage community members in energy issues and explore energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

To further support and explore issues and ideas around energy demand, climate change and energy efficiency, Community Energy GM are running two “Powering Your Hub” Carbon Literacy sessions, which are fully funded and free to community hubs interested in these areas.

You don’t have to be a member of GMCVO or involved in Community Energy GM to attend the session but it is aimed at those organisations identified as community hubs and this is a participatory course,  so we would expect that you have some interest in the topic and  to already be taking positive steps in environmental sustainability. 

Successful completion of the day will also qualify participants to be certified as Carbon Literate and receive their Carbon Literacy qualification certificate which is also fully-funded. Carbon Literacy is the award-winning climate-change awareness and training scheme created here in Manchester, initially as a response to M:ACF. Having now certified many thousands of learners, it now being used by funders, employers, schools, colleges and the public sector to certify an excellent understanding of climate change and to support and stimulate further action.

To booking your place for the Powering Your Hub Course in July is Tuesday the 12th of July, and more courses will be coming after July. Please email if interested in attending or further information.