Jonny and the Baptist: The End is Nigh

Contributed by Alice Litchfield on 10.05.2016

An Article about the play 'Jonny and the Baptist: The End is Nigh' written by Alice Litchfield 

On Friday night, Jonny and the Baptist took over a space at the Lowry in Salford Quays and performed their show; The End is Nigh. It is a satirical comedy that focuses on the story of Jonny who told his four year old niece that the world was going to end due to Climate Change and how he and his friend, Paddy, are going to try and fix it.

It was incredibly well written with serious Climate Change issues combined with their jokes and sometimes outlandish songs made for a highly entertaining evening. Their songs tell stories and focus on how they are going to solve climate change and save the world. The show was set at the Lowry by the docks, when we entered it was an unusual space with individual chairs placed facing a small stage with steps at the front. Their continual reference back to the space being an old car park was amusing and made for a light hearted comedy, however the space also meant they could easily interact with the audience getting people involved and making it relaxed and informal. The show is about community action and what needs to happen to help solve Climate Change, their hope is that the audience enter as individuals but due to the nature of the set up and the songs involved, end up as one group that are sharing something. This reflects the message that everyone needs to work together for environmental issues and climate change in order to improve the situation.

It is an event that is accessible for all adults to attend, the message was not too heavy and the witty songs made for an interesting approach. Their political points were amusing and over dramatized but gave out a message that we all need to work together. Overall the event is highly recommended, the audience were engaged from the beginning and were laughing continuously throughout. It was an excellent comedy that gave a true insight into the fact climate change is the biggest issue in the degradation of our world.