Go Ultra Low!

Contributed by Emma Charlotte Richards on 18.05.2016

An Article about Go Ultra Low! Written by Emma Charlotte Richards 

Eleven UK companies, including big names such as Microsoft UK, have become the first to be awarded Go Ultra Low! status. Two of these were in Manchester! Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, and Manchester Metropolitan University are amongst the first to achieve this acrediation, leading the way for electric travel in the city.

Go Ultra Low! is a new standard recognising greener motoring in business. ‘To qualify, businesses must be committed to make up at least 5% of their fleets with EVs by 2020. This mirrors the Government forecast that EVs will represent 5% of total UK new car registrations by the end of the decade.’

Manchester Metroplitan University has sought to integrate electric vehicle technology into it’s campus’s over the past two years. Not only do they have eleven electric vehicles within the fleet, ranging from pool cars to service vehicles. They have invested in support infrastructure, boasting thirty-eight charging bays across the Manchester and Crewe campus’s so far.

‘Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to expanding its electric vehicle fleet whilst promoting the benefits to staff, students and partner organisations. We are also pleased to announce that, as part of the Triangulum project, two 30kW Nissan Leafs have been added to the fleet and these will shortly be available to all staff for business use.’

The award recognises the universities’ commitment to enhancing the uptake of electric vehicles, as part of it’s long-term strategy, extending over the next five years. The university aims through it’s pool cars, to enable as many employees as possible the chance to drive an electric vehicle. Not only does this reduce the universities’ CO2 emissions, boosting it’s eco-credentials and improving air quality within the region. It can also help create a cultural change, dispelling common concerns or stigmas surrounding electric vehicles. Making a real difference to the environment if just a few of those staff members then go out and buy an electric vehicle as a result of the experience.

Like-wise, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service plans for the introduction of eleven electric vehicles, and charging points throughout it’s authority, during 2016/17.

These organisations are revolutionising motoring within business using electric cars and vans. They don’t just stop there though, having pledged to buy even more. The Go Ultra Low! initiative recognises the growing importance of electric vehicles to business fleets. As the number of electric vehicles registered to UK businesses increases, rise of 36% so far this year compared to the same period in 2015, their role within the organisations will become evermore prevelant.

Photo courtesy of MMU