Clean Cities Agenda and the GM Business Context

Contributed by Anonymous on 17.05.2016

The pro-manchester Green Economy group and Transport and Infrastructure Group have organised an expert panel to discuss what a Green Cities agenda actually means for Manchester and the wider local economy.

The next few years will see substantial investment in the city’s transport infrastructure as well as a number of major redevelopment projects.

These are vital to continue the drive for the further growth and success of Manchester and wider local economy.

However, at the same time there is an increased recognition of the need to transition to a low carbon economy to minimise the impact of climate change. 

In addition, poor air quality in our towns and cities has a significant impact on peoples’ lives, impacting their health, productivity and causing 29,000 premature deaths in the UK annually.

What does this mean for the city? How can we develop our city to provide both economic prosperity and health and wellbeing for its citizens and local economy?

On Friday 20th May from 8:00-10:00am at KPMG Manchester, a panel of experts will debate these issues, including:

David Joy: Chief Executive, London Continental Railways LCR

David will discuss how development projects with a transport lean (such as the new Mayfield development in Manchester) can act as a catalyst for sustainable development in cities and aid with both a low carbon agenda whilst also aiding in developing green spaces in a city centre context. 

The Mayfield development is set to create over 7,500 office, retail, leisure and construction employment opportunities through the delivery of 1,300 homes, 75,000m² of office space, a 350-bedroom hotel, retail and leisure facilities and a new six-acre city park centred along a remediated River Medlock.

Rafael Cuesta : Head of Innovation, Transport for Great Manchester TfGM

Rafael will discuss what TfGM's latest plans are regarding transport infrastructure and the recent consultation on air quality, how this impacts the lives of those living and working in Greater Manchester, and the economy as whole.

Warren Percival: Director, RSK Environment Ltd

Warren will chair the event and ensure there is a healthy debate over what the issues are, how medium and long term planning in these areas will affect business, and tease out the overall opportunities for those working within the professional services sector and environmental fields.

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Main image by Flickr user Gillie Rhodes.