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Are you interested in collaborating with other businesses and organisations in Manchester to help the city achieve Net Zero?

If so, please join our partnership


The climate crisis won't solve itself. The city needs to come together as one.

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges facing both the planet but also our home city. 

Manchester’s agreed climate objectives and budget require a 13% year-on-year reduction in emissions. This steep reduction trajectory can only be achieved if we can secure significantly increased resources to support the Manchester Climate Change Agency (MCCA). 

That's why we’re extending our Manchester Climate Change Partnership (MCCP). 

We’re inviting businesses and organisations of all shapes, sectors and sizes to join us and reach this ambitious goal together.


Since MCCP was established in 2018, working with MCCA it has:

– secured commitment from 70+ businesses and organisations from 10 sectors to go zero carbon – that’s over 20% of the city’s direct CO2 emissions committing to zero.

– established a partnership-based approach to action, where every organisation and citizen has a role to play. 

– become a key part of the city’s Our Manchester structure with Manchester City Council and other key partners. 

– made Manchester one of the first cities in the world to commit to targets in line with the Paris Agreement and the latest science.

– established a Climate Change Youth Board and made its members part of the full Partnership. 

– appointed a dedicated Youth Champion to give young people an even louder voice. 

> secured over £15m of external funding for pilots and innovation projects. 



Why join the partnership? 

– Benefit from the expertise of the Agency and the other Partners

– Be part of a powerful 'Green Recovery'

– Collaborate with others in concerted climate action

– Gain access to national and international funding opportunities

– Help put Manchester ahead in the 'Race to Zero'

– Raise the profile of the City and partners in the run up to COP26

– Reduce costs and climate risks to our economy

– Help tackle the social injustice of the climate emergency

– Build the City brand to attract talent and investment


Join the Manchester Climate Change Partnership and be part of action against climate change right here in Manchester. 

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