Manchester's Green Recovery


In March 2020, the Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25 was launched as the city's strategy to meet our science-based targets.


Since then, COVID-19 has changed the city and the world immeasurably. However, whilst the context for their delivery has changed, the aims, objectives and priorities set out in the Climate Change Framework have not. Not only does the latest science tell us they are still the right ones for the city to play its full part on climate change, but the growing body of evidence in favour of a green recovery tells us that that they are now more relevant than ever in helping the city to reset, recover and thrive.


June 2020 - Partnership and Agency Commitment to a Green Recovery

In June 2020, Manchester Climate Change Partnership and Agency wrote to Manchester City Council to set out our views on the need for a green recovery. Not only to ensure that we get on track to meet our climate change commitments, but also to ensure we realise the opportunity to make Manchester a green, healthy, fair, inclusive and socially just city where everybody can thrive. The letter also set out an offer to support the City Council in its recovery work and the Our Manchester Strategy Reset, to ensure the Climate Change Framework commitments are fully embedded.


July 2020 - Manchester City Council Commitment to a Green Recovery

Manchester City Council responded positively in July 2020, re-confirming their commitment to a green recovery and accepting the Partnership and Agency's offer of support.


July 2020 - What do We Want from the City's Green Recovery?

To start this work, and to begin to gather views from residents and businesses, the Manchester Climate Change Conference on 22nd July 2020 focused on the question 'What do we want from the city's green recovery?' The recording of the event is available to watch here. The Conference also announed a new 'Green Recovery Webinar Series' to continue the conversation and discuss in further detail what the city needs to deliver to ensure a green recovery. Further details will be announced here.


September 2020 - Agency Response to the Our Manchester Strategy Consultation

The overarching strategy for the city, the Our Manchester Strategy is being reset during 2020. To contribute to this work the Agency's response set out twelve proposals that will help the city to both recover from COVID and take action in line with the commitments in the Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25. A copy of the consultation response is available here


November 2021 - Manchester Economic Recovery and Investment Plan

The Plan sets out Manchester's approach to kickstarting the city's economic recovery from COVID. Manchester Climate Change Partnership and Agency were invited by the City Council to support the plan's development, to help further align the city's economic and climate change objectives. Further work remains to achieve full alignment but the Plan represents an important step forward, building on the Manchester Industrial Strategy of 2019. The Plan includes £290m of 'zero carbon and climate resilience' projects, from a list of approximately £800m of projects. 


March 2021 - Our Manchester Strategy Reset: Forward to 2025

The Our Manchester Strategy, covering the period 2016 to 2025, was 'reset' during 2020-21, to take account of the impacts of the COVID pandemic and provide an opportunity to revisit and reset the city's priorities for the coming five years. The Our Manchester Strategy Reset: Forward to 2025 was published in March 2021. It includes the commitment from the original strategy that 'Manchester will play its full part in limiting the impacts of climate change', as one of the six strategic priorities. And it commits the city to reduce its direct CO2 emissions by 50% during 2021-25, towards Manchester becoming a zero carbon city by 2038, at the latest.


Summer 2021 - Tackling Manchester's Consumption-Based Emissions 

Thoughout 2021 MCCA worked with the University of Manchester to provide two deep dives in to the impact of the COVID pandemic and the opportunity for green recovery on consumption based emissions and food.

- Tackling Manchester's consumption-based emissions - published March 2021

- Transitioning to a sustainable Manchester food system - published August 2021