Stitched Up



‘Stitched Up started in 2011, with the aim of encouraging individuality, pride and sustainability through fashion and style. We are a grassroots collective that has grown from our passion for the environment, human-rights, style and creativity. Today we are a not-for-profit co-operative of three women.’



'Stitched Up started in 2011, with the aim of encouraging individualtiy, pride and sustainability through fashion and style.' Stiched Up is a not-for-profit co-operative of three women - with the HQ in Chorlton, South Mancherster. It is a space for 'crafters, makers and tinkerers, providing an alternative to the chain stores and empty shops of your average British high street. From here we offer sewing and upcycling workshops, clothes swaps and sustainable fabric sales, as well as educational events.' 


‘Our name refers to the way we fell the fashion industry affects its workers, its shoppers and the planet. Stitched Up.’

Stitched Up are fighting against the culture of fast fashion – one that demands us to buy more clothes than ever, with at least half of fast fashion items being sent to landfill in under 12 months.

Fast fashion is not a sustainable model. Workers in the global fashion industry are trapped in low-wage jobs, often prevented from joining trade unions to demand better working conditions. Moreover, textile production creates more greenhouse gas emissions annually than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.  

Stitched Up are building an alternative fashion culture, one that educates and provides the skills to allow people to keep their clothes for longer - by swapping, upcycling and repairing them. More than this, Stitched Up develops skills to craft your own wardrobe as an act of self-expression.



We Love our planet and believe we should treat it with respect.

We Support garment workers worldwide in their quest for fair wages.

We Inspire a more creative, sustainable and individual approach to clothing.

We Prove that sustainable clothing is for everyone, without compromising on style.

We Are passionate about recycling, upcycling, resuse and reducing waste.

We Are a community that has fun sharing new skills and ideas, and we want you to join in!