Join Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership

Get in touch with us to apply to become a member of the Manchester Climate Change Youth Board!

In your email, please provide short answers (500 words or less) to the following two questions:

  1. Describe what excites you about being part of the Youth Board.
  2. Describe what skills / experiences / interests you would bring to the Youth Board

Please send your answers to by 9am on Monday 4th December 2023.


The Manchester Climate Change Youth Partnership is open to 16 – 28-year-olds in Manchester.  

Membership is flexible with a range of ways to get involved, letting you choose what suits you. 


Get involved with the Youth Partnership to:  

  • Steer Climate Action in Manchester  

Determine priorities for youth activity and feed into city-level decision-making.  

  • Lead Climate Action in Manchester 

Deliver projects that reduce carbon emissions, raise climate awareness or boost youth involvement in action. An opportunity to get creative!  

  • Build a Youth Climate Movement 

Keep young people informed, engaged and ensure their voices are heard by building a supportive, collaborative and active movement for Manchester’s youth.  


Getting involved provides a range of benefits, including: 

  • You make a difference! 

Delivering real climate action in Manchester. 

  • Skills Development 

A range of formal and informal opportunities, such as Carbon Literacy training and support to develop communications skills.  

  • Networking Opportunities 

A variety of opportunities to build contacts, experience and widen impact, such as:  

  • A direct channel to those in power in Manchester – those controlling budgets and setting policy. 
  • Invites to connect with other youth movements, locally, nationally and internationally. 
  • Invites to represent the Youth Partnership at external events and in the media. 
  • Use of a new collaborative workspace at Manchester Museum.  


All this helps builds skills, experience and contacts which are great for your CV!