George Coombs

George is a community organiser, active environmentalist and an artist from Manchester.


Currently coordinating a community climate action project based in south Manchester, George is continually motivated by the energy and appetite for change that comes from everyday conversations with fellow Mancunians. He is inspired by community-led solutions to the climate and ecological crisis and follows a personal mantra of “local people get stuff done”.


Alongside his community work, George has had the opportunity to contribute to platforming youth voices in climate conversations. In 2019, he was part of the UK Youth Climate Coalition ‘LCOYUK Coordination Team’, who organised the first Local Conference of Youth in the UK; a two-day conference that empowered young leaders to contribute to the fight for global climate justice.


With a background in the arts, George is interested in the role of the creative arts in responding to the climate and ecological crisis; both in translating the complex information that floods our everyday and influencing policy to make the necessary transition to a better world.


You can connect with George on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.