Manchester Eco Diocese


Manchester Diocese is on its way to becoming an Eco Diocese, meaning they will seriously take care of the Planet (God's creation) and incorporate environmentalism into their everyday lives. Manchester Diocese have so far registered their intent, produced their own environmental policy and held a commissioning service. 

Following the launch of the Eco Church programme in Manchester Diocese in 2017, two targets were set for the first year – to have 32 churches to be registered for Eco Church and 16 churches to be awarded with a bronze award. As of 2020, 63 churches in Manchester have registered for eco church and 10 awards have been given – 7 bronze and 3 silver!

Small pledges to reduce impacts on the environment have to be made, to begin taking steps in the right direction. Examples of these include the church signing up to change energy suppliers to a green energy supplier, reducing single use plastics throughout the church and disposing of waste correctly – recycling and reusing where possible.

Each church that registers to become an Eco Church is a step closer for Manchester to becoming an Eco Diocese. If you are part of a church in Manchester and are yet to register to become an Eco Church, register here and begin making pledges to becoming more environmental in your faith.