Manchester City Football Club


2019 saw Manchester City Football Club introduce a reusable beer cup scheme, where all single use plastic cups would be eliminated from game and event days, and thus be replaced with durable cups which have the capability of being used up to 100 times. Once their lifespan is up, the cups can also be fully recycled to avoid incineration, which is a huge driver of CO2 release.

This introduction of reusable cups will see an average of 29,000 single use plastic cups be removed on each match day, and roughly 800,000 per season. Plastic is a form of fossil fuel, and refining those fuels into plastic is highly energy intensive and drives up global emissions – by removing single use plastic cups and other single use plastic items throughout the stadium, roughly 66,240,000g of carbon will not be emitted into the atmosphere*.

Informative posters are located around the stadium, encouraging match-goers to drop their reusable cup into the areas required, in order for them to be washed and then used again, whilst educating fans on the duration of time needed for plastic to break down.

*assuming cups are 500ml capacity