Case Studies


There is so much happening in and around our city that is fueling positive change, both at a neighbourhood and city-wide level. We have put together a few success stories to highlight the many positive examples which demonstrate that progress is being made; step by step, by individuals and organisations alike that can build the foundation needed for the bigger, systemic changes that need to happen. Local and community action is part of the grass roots action which is fundmanetal to bring about the change that is required; this list of success stories at its best will encourage individuals to think, to act, to voluteer, to talk about these issues, in order to aleviate the climate crisis. 


Real Food Wythenshawe

Stitched Up

Furniture Poverty Hub

Our Faith Our Planet

The Triangulum Project

Manchester City Football Club

HOME - a MAST member

The University of Manchester

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust MFT - JUMP 

Manchester Eco Diocese

Young Manchester