Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


Consultation Now Open on Manchester's Planning Policies


On 7th February 2020 Manchester City Council launched a consultation on the development of the city's main planning document, the Local Plan. The first stage of the consultation is focused on the 'Local Plan Issues'. So, rather than presenting specific policies at this stage, the purpose of the consultation is to identify the key issues that the Local Plan needs to address.


Based on the Council's own website, it would appear that climate change is already on the radar:

'Development in Manchester is at record levels: investment here is creating jobs and new homes are being built. At the same time, we want any future growth to support our ambition to be a zero-carbon city by 2038 or before.'


This comes the day after comments from Manchester City Council's Chief Executive, as reported by Place Northwest:

"We want to build quality buildings that are zero carbon, linked to public realm, with transport infrastructure that works. “We shouldn’t be compromising, we should be demanding that standard, but we can’t expect the property industry to do it without Government investment.”


Manchester Climate Change Agency and Partnership has published its comments on the city's development standards, most recently in February 2020 in response to the Government's consultation on changes to the Building Regulations and in March 2019 in response to the Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.


The consultation on the Manchester Local Plan is open until 3rd April 2020.  You can send your comments electronically and at a series of events. Further information is available on the Council's website.