Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


24 Hours of Reality

by Stephanie Lynch 08.12.17



On December 4th and 5th December, over half a billion people logged onto YouTube to watch 24 Hours of Reality, hosted by former US Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality project. The aim of this live production was to capture best practice scenarios and climate change reality issues all across the world.


The main focus was on the future of renewables and what was happening all over the world. By broadcasting a vast range of initiatives, plans and targets, viewers were left feeling hopeful and inspired. There was a clear message of ‘fight like your planet depend on it’ because it does! There were useful tips for viewers such as activism for local and national policy change.


There were a number of famous faces who voiced their concerns such as actress Tia Leoni, American Vandal star Calum Worthy and singer Mariah Carey. There were a number of musical performances too with the likes of Annie Lennox, Shawn Mendes and The Killers. Bringing climate change issues into popular culture in this way helps to spread the messages and finally bring it into our realities rather than it being a separate issue. An issue that many people ‘inconveniently’ try to ignore.


The UK demonstrated the important role that faith groups need to play in making changes. The feature called ‘A Higher Power’ demonstrated the Church of England’s efforts to decarbonise many buildings. Holy Trinity Church in London saved over 70,000 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide by not using concrete in their foundations, a brilliant example of sustainable architecture.


Manchester also recognises the importance of faith networks to empower change. ‘Our Faith, Our Planet’ is made up of a number of faith representatives from a variety of religions in the city as well as Carbon Literacy and Manchester Climate Change Agency. The Dean of Manchester Cathedral stated at the recent ‘Our Faith, Our Planet, Our Community’ conference ‘faith is not just to give people purpose, we see our faith through actions’ and those supporting the need to behavioural change for a zero-carbon city.


To listen to the Dean of the Cathedral’s speech and many other faith leaders click here.

For the 24 Hours of Reality UK clip visit here or view more through the Climate Reality website