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Switch to Renewable Energy with the Greater Manchester Big Clean Switch

By Tom Stockton on 24.10.17

We’re supporting a new campaign that aims to help you save money by switching your home to a clean tariff. Most UK homes are guaranteed to save money by switching to the cheapest clean deal.


The Greater Manchester Big Clean Switch is being launched by Greater Manchester Combined Authority and supported by organisations from across the city, from football clubs to universities.[2]


Just visit www.bigcleanswitch.org/gm to compare prices in minutes, and if you decide to go ahead, you can switch there and then. With savings currently averaging over £280 a year, it may be worth switching even if you’re in the middle of a fixed term tariff.[3]


Here’s what people are already saying about the Greater Manchester Big Clean Switch

“The process was really easy.” – Jack, Manchester

“Just click, click, click – five minutes and done.” – Anna, Altrincham

“The savings I made were very, very substantial.” – Amer, Cheadle

“We’re saving around £500 a year.” – Katie & Lynden, Stockport


Why clean energy?

Generating energy from renewable sources like the wind, water and sun helps fight air pollution and climate change. If just one in every 100 homes in Greater Manchester switched to clean electricity, it would be equivalent to taking over 10,000 cars off the road for a year.[4] And on top of all that, the cheapest clean energy suppliers are market leaders when it comes to customer satisfaction.[5]


Doing more for Greater Manchester

When you switch through the Greater Manchester Big Clean Switch, the supplier pays the campaign a commission. This doesn’t affect the price of the tariff, and Greater Manchester Combined Authority will use its share to help fund social and environmental projects across Greater Manchester, so even more good will come of your switch.


If you’ve got questions about the Big Clean Switch, visit the campaign help page: https://bigcleanswitch.org/help/


You can also follow the campaign on twitter and facebook.


Happy switching!



1. In 2016 the UK’s Competitions and Markets Authority estimated that almost two thirds of homes were on a ‘standard variable’ tariff with one of the big six energy suppliers. All of these people – together with many thousands more on expensive tariffs with other suppliers – are guaranteed to save money switching to the cheapest clean deals. While planet-friendly power is now very cheap, it’s not yet the absolute cheapest option. You may be able to save another £20-£30 a year with a non-clean deal. Those tariffs aren’t as good for the environment, but if you want to secure the largest possible savings, then consider using a whole-market price comparison site, such as EnergyHelpline: www.energyhelpline.com/gm


2. You can see a full list at: www.bigcleanswitch.org/gm/#partners


3. Bulb, one of the cheapest clean suppliers, will also pay your exit fee if you’re charged a penalty by your old supplier for leaving a contract early.


4. When you switch to a clean tariff, the electricity supplied to your house doesn’t change. Instead, your supplier guarantees that for every unit of electricity you use, they’ll ensure an equivalent unit of clean power goes into the Grid. The more people on clean tariffs, the cleaner the Grid gets. Carbon savings are calculated on this basis using 2017 Defra conversion factors, as well as data on 2016 car use from the Department for Transport and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.


5. Tonik and Bulb, the two most competitive clean suppliers available through the Greater Manchester Big Clean Switch, both have ratings of over 9 out of 10 on TrustPilot, from many hundreds of reviews.