Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


Manchester Museum Scoops Prestigious Award for Climate Change Engagement

By Tom Stockton

on 05.10.17



Manchester Museum was this week the recipient of the first Sunx Climate smART Award for their Climate Control exhibition which ran from May to September 2016. The award winners were announced at a ceremony in Trafalgar Square at the Trafalgar St James Hotel as part of the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, dubbed the ‘Oscars for museums’.


The Museum became the inaugural recipient of the Climate smART award which seeks to recognise a museum or large-scale public art project that has made a significant educational contribution to the fight against climate change. The judging panel for the award was drawn from members of the Sunx, Strong Universal Network, council who seek to champion sustainability and action on climate change in the Travel & Tourism sector. The award took into account the substance of the projects nominated as well as their outreach in addition to the imagination and innovation involved.


Climate Control, which was developed in 2016, was the Museum’s contribution to Manchester’s time as European City of Science, and was developed in partnership with the University of Manchester’s Tyndall Centre and Global Development Institute and supported by the Manchester Climate Change Agency. Around 98,000 people visited Climate Control in a four-month period in 2016; approximately 500,000 people have visited elements of the exhibition since that time. 


Henry McGhie, who led Climate Control said ‘We are all faced with climate change in the mass media. We want to find ways to unleash peoples' creativity to create a better story, where people are encouraged and empowered to contribute towards climate change action in personally directed ways, combining thinking, feeling and doing. If inspiration is the feeling that leads us to action, we want to help people find that feeling, and turn concern into self-directed action'. 


Climate Control has gone beyond a special exhibition, to represent the Museum’s commitment in this area of work. The Museum won its Carbon Literacy Organisation Award in 2016, being the first carbon literate museum in the world. The award provides further recognition for climate change engagement in the city through the arts sector for which Manchester has been recognized as a good practice city on a European level.