Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


Real Junk Food Manchester's restaurant opens!

by Tom Stockton on 06.09.17

Manchester is well known for its food scene and one recent addition to the city’s restaurant offerings is seeking to prove that tackling food waste can have tasty and creative consequences. The Real Junk Food Project’s restaurant now open at 85 Oxford Street redirects food otherwise destined for the bin into the bellies of customers. 


Originating in Leeds the Real Junk Food movement has spawned partner organisations in several cities seeking to provide nutritious meals on a pay-as-you-feel basis using food that would otherwise go to waste. Through their efforts, they seek to tackle the estimated 10 million tonnes of food which goes to waste in the UK every year. This level of waste contributes 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, highlighting how key tackling the issue of food waste is in combatting climate change.  


Having until now lived a nomadic existence as a pop-up restaurant led by Director Corin Bell and ably assisted by a team of volunteers, the Real Junk Food Project Manchester has found a longer-term existence at their current location on Oxford Street. A successful crowdfunding campaign last year raised almost £40,000 for the project showing the public’s willingness to get behind the innovative food waste solution.


During a recent visit to the restaurant we were treated to a wide selection of menu offerings, all the more impressive given the improvised nature of the freshly prepared meals based on the waste food intercepted from going to waste available. Eventually opting to sample the wild mushrooms on toast, the beef brisket wrap, a slice of carrot cake and some rocky road, we enjoyed a healthy, nutritious meal whilst also doing our bit to tackle food waste.


More information about the Real Junk Food Project can be found on Facebook and on their website realjunkfoodmanchester.co.uk. Their pay-as-you-feel restaurant is now open at 85 Oxford Street serving lunch from 12-3pm, evening and breakfast coming soon.