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Nature in Salford - Birds of Peel Park film screening

by Stephanie Lynch on 09.09.17

Wildlife filmmaker and butterfly enthusiast Dr Luke Blazejewski has dedicated much of his work and free time documenting and protecting Salford’s sites of environmental importance. In a sold out venue, Luke showed two of his films, one centre around the biodiversity of the River Irwell which he supported further with an array of butterfly pictures he took on a small wildflower patch on the river bank. The other was his latest film, Birds of Peel Park which tells the history of this park from the Victorian era and how Manchester’s industrial revolution impacted greatly on bird population numbers.


Improvements to Manchester’s air quality and pollution levels have helped to regain a lot of it’s biodiversity but wildlife is always having to face issues that the city’s activity creates such as littering and habitat destruction. Luke showed examples of how plastic was interacting with a number of different bird and insect species and how the Boxing Day floods of 2015 left behind a trail of plastic debris that would take years to clean up.


Luke’s passion to improve Salford’s wildlife has often put him in local media but he received national recognition when he snapped a picture of a pink grasshopper. This distinct colour is caused by a genetic mutation and leaves them vulnerable to prey so they are a very rare finding!


The talk finished on an inspiring note with the audience eager to ask many questions on how they can get make a difference. Talks like this are a great way of immobalising people to take action and this film screening did just that!


To find out more about Luke’s work, follow him on Twitter @NatureInSalford