Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


Hulme Youth Leaders become Carbon Literate

by Stephanie Lynch 26.09.17

Hulme Youth Climate Initiative has been working with Youth Leaders and groups in a variety of creative ways throughout the area tackling a number of sustainable issues. Each Youth Leader has created their own project as part of the campaign to educate and engage others on issues of climate change and how they may impact residents’ lives. There have been gardening projects, biodiversity workshops, drama classes and air quality monitoring.

Manchester Climate Change Agency officially became a Gold standard Carbon Literate Organisation in 2016 and so it was a great opportunity to train the Youth Leaders. Each Youth Leader brought a wealth of knowledge to the training as case studies and current affairs were discussed as well as how they could make a difference.

Before completing the training, each Youth Leader committed to an action which would lower their personal carbon footprints. Tom who attended the training says ‘’I thoroughly enjoyed the training as well as the chance to interact with other proactive young people. It was great to be able to gain a greater understanding of the challenges of climate change both on the large and small scale and ultimately come away as a certified carbon literate individual. I hope that we are able to keep to our commitments as well as encouraging others within our communities to do the same.”

To learn more about all the wonderful work that has happened throughout this campaign see #hulmeinitiative on Twitter or come along for tea and cake on the 21st September to listen to the Youth Leaders and partners tell their stories. Book your free ticket here.

To learn more about Carbon Literacy, visit their website at www.carbonliteracy.com