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Urban Water Paradise

by Stephanie Lynch - 02.08.2017

The 2nd August saw the launch of beautiful, floral floating islands on the Bridgewater Hall canal designed by BDP and Biomatrix. These six floating habitats will help attact and support a variety of wildlife such as dragonflies and bees which in turn will attact a number of birds and bats to the area.

Around 25 volunteers from Manchester City Council and the Rochdale 9 faced the wind and rain the day before the lanch to put various flora and fauna into the structures to be placed into the water around the fountain. To celebrate all the hard work put into this outstanding initiative, a brass quintet played a variety of water themed songs as guests amired the beautiful scene from above inside the Bridgewater Hall.

Dave Barlow from Manchester City Council who opened the celebration says ‘if we improve our green and blue spaces then we can reap the awards’. So make sure you take time over the summer to see these habitats grow!

This project is part of the larger Our Manchester strategy which aims to create a cleaner and greener city, you can read this strategy here.