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Too Good To Go

Contributed on 13.03.2017 by Laura Holdstock

In the UK alone, millions of tonnes of waste are sent to landfill each and every year, some of which will take up to a thousand years to biodegrade. A large amount of this waste is food and over half of the food we throw away is edible, putting a hole both in our pockets and the ozone layer. In fact, over a third of all the food produced for human consumption is wasted. If we were to reduce food waste by 20% we could feed 25 million people. Imagine that? Not only would we be feeding the hungry by reducing food waste, but we would also be saving our environment. When food decomposes it releases methane into the atmosphere, a particularly harmful greenhouse gas that plays a considerable role in global warming.

In an effort to tackle the amount of food wasted year on year, Too Good To Go was born; a fresh and innovative way of saving food waste as well as your pennies. TGTG is an app that raises awareness of food waste and makes leftovers from cafés, bakeries and restaurants available to buy for a fraction of the price, to avoid it being thrown away. You can buy a full meal for as little as £2 as long as you can pop to the eatery around closing time to pick it up in an eco-friendly, recyclable sugarcane box. The app uses your location to bring up the establishments closest to you that are involved in this resourceful scheme.

TGTG originated in Denmark at the end of 2015 and is now operating throughout Northern Europe and the UK, launching here last summer. In the space of just six months across six different countries, the app has prevented over 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. They have already saved thousands of meals from the rubbish bin in just Manchester alone. Libby G’s Cupcakes, TeaCup, Nine, Boho Utopia and Beastro are just a few of the many diners available to purchase from in Manchester and there are over 200 involved across the UK with new businesses joining every day.

To munch on delicious yet super cheap food, to find out more information and to download the app, visit: www.toogoodtogo.co.uk

If food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, whilst recovering just half of the food that is lost or wasted could feed the world alone. It’s a problem that doesn’t need to exist – and we’re determined to help solve it.” Too Good To Go.