Our city’s shared plan to tackle climate change


The Manchester Climate Change Agency offers 3 to 9 month student work placements with a minimum commitment of 3 days a week. 


For further information please download the job description.


To apply, please download and fill out the application for and send it to info@manchesterclimate.com


"Volunteering with MCCA was a fantastic opportunity that has bolstered my knowledge of sustainability initiatives both on a local and national scale. It enabled me to expand my view of sustainability to incorporate social, economic as well as environmental issues that impact Manchester and its surrounding boroughs through attending forums, annual meetings and events across the city that would otherwise have been unknown to me. Composing articles for the website, aiding in the dissemination of the city's sustainability targets, provided a platform for me to showcase my verbal and written style, ultimately increasing my confidence in public speaking and publication skills.


I would recommend anyone to volunteer with MCCA as they care as much about your professional development as they do your service in supporting a more sustainable Manchester."

- Josh West, 4 month placement


“This placement with Manchester’s Climate Change Agency was the best decision I have made, it has made me more confident, and I will always regard the placement in helping me realise where I see my job life going.”

- Alice Howse, 9 month placement


‘'The placement gave me insight into how organisations such as MCCA work and I will reference my time there when applying for jobs to support my office based skills and team work attributes. I fully enjoyed the placement and contributing to an exciting organisation that has great aims for the city of Manchester.’’

- Calum Langan, 3 month placement